Avalon NJ Fishing Report May 5th

It was basically NON-STOP blue fishing everywhere. All weighing in at over 8 pounds and caught on just about anything. Moreen Jones from Kimberton, PA weighed on in that was 9.16# & 32 ¼” using bunker in the back bay.

The stripers were also being caught even though they are currently outnumbered by the blues. Reports are they are getting bigger than previously caught.

The Tog fishing is also happening at both the 8th street jetty and the TI Bridge using green crabs.

Last but certainly not least, the weakfish continue to shine with some over 8# coming out of the back bay. Mike Loughran of Avalon beat his previous weakie with this one tipping the scale at 8.13# and measured 29” he caught using Rip Tide Mullet plastic.

Source = http://avalonhp.com/fishing-report/